Time Better Spent

                 Errand Services

What can I do to help you?

Basic Errands

·        Dry cleaning

·        Post Office (pick up mail, prepare and send packages)

·        Video store

·        Drop off/pick up film

·        Pharmacy

·        Car maintenance (detailing, oil change, registration)



In your home

·        Plant watering/maintenance

·        Pet walking/feeding/visiting

·        Kitchen clean up while you’re at work

·        Wait for repairmen, deliveries

·        Organization





·        Vacation research

·        Product/Price comparison

·        Purchase tickets



Shopping services

·        Grocery

·        Gifts & Wrapping

·        Bargain hunting

·        Returns



Special Occasion

·        Planning

·        Invitations

·        Thank you notes

·        Help during an event

·        Baking/Food prep

I have the time you're looking for!

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